Savouring on a Sunday


This week, I have been grateful for…

  1. Spending quality time with both sides of the family over Easter, including a lot of good food, ridiculous amounts of chocolate, hysterical Easter Egg hunts, baking traditional Greek Easter pastries, patting puppies and cuddling babies. Also: French champagne.
  2. Exceptional customer service. I’m one of those people who is reticent to complain about pretty much any good or service, for fear of… oh, let me just give you my therapist’s number. But I’m pushing myself gently to share less than stellar experiences. I figure that if I can communicate my needs with respect and compassion, that most vendors would rather know than lose a customer. This week I received two prompt, genuine apologies and immediate replacement of faulty items. Which has pretty much sealed the deal for this happy customer.
  3. The gift of a bunch of Dahlias from my mother-in-law, who had just been to a local farmer’s market (seen above, reluctantly modelled by my daughter).
  4. The gift of a bottle of Beechworth Sparkling Honey Nectar from my sister. I am pretty much obsessed with anything to do with bees and honey right now and I am loving this gorgeous bevvy.
  5. An excellent shiatsu session that got me back into alignment and flow. Totally helps that my shiatsu therapist is a kindred spirit and we spent much of the appointment basking in the glow of our recent Patti Smith experiences.
  6. I’m also lucky enough to know a brilliant group of Osteopaths, one of whom hooked me up with a new pair of orthotics over the weekend. I know I am getting into serious middle aged haus frau territory here but I am crazy excited about these puppies. And not having aching legs and tingling feet every night.
  7. My annual party attendance last night. Without exaggeration, I drag myself out of the house to attend one party a year and it always seems to be the same one. The lovely couple who founded my daughter’s school have birthdays very close together and are very generous in their invitations. Luckily for me, my best friend has connections to the school and also scored an invite, which meant that we got the chance to sit and chat and drink wine for ages. She shared her brilliant observation that attending a Patti Smith concert was like “being a guest in Patti’s living room. She looked out onto the crowd and it was like she saw every one of us and was happy we were there.” She also introduced me to the joys of Uber and I have to say I was rather impressed.
  8. I was also very conscious as the night went on of that beautiful thing that happens when certain people say certain things that you are meant to hear at exactly the right time. In this case, a prolonged chat with an academic about the perils of receiving robust feedback on your writing was really illuminating and reassuring.
  9. A very lazy day today. Mainly because I didn’t get home until 2am then barely slept a wink as I’d drunk altogether too much wine and was wretchedly overstimulated. Bonus points to my husband who capably kept little people amused while I slunk off for a nap at 2pm.
  10. Our 15 year old black Holden Astra. My husband bought her many moons ago, before we met. She was predominantly my car for the last eight years. We moved on just as she seemed to be finding it all too hard. We donated her to an organisation that will auction her off for spare parts and uses the proceeds to provide studio accommodation for homeless young people. The gift that keeps on giving. Vale, old girl.

What made you feel lucky this week?