Savouring on a Sunday

This week, I have been grateful for:

  1. Hair4kids! My son has always hated having his haircut and will scream and writhe so much in the chair that the danger of scissors becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But taking him to this salon is a dream. After three visits he happily sits in a tractor and watches cartoons while the [calm-but-no-nonsense youthful nanna] stylist snips at his “crazy hair”. Miraculously, he also ends up with a very handsome do!
  2. The new boxing class at my gym. Something so very satisfying about the sound and feel of that glove connecting with a padded mitt. My favourite form of stress relief!
  3. Magnesium. I’d heard about the benefits of this miracle mineral here and there but was totally convinced to give it a try after reading Christiane Northrop’s Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom (a book that changed my life, by the way, but more on that another time). Now I find it’s my secret defence against aching muscles (see 2. above!) and debilitating cramps.
  4. “My week has been awful. I’d rather hear about your minor internal dramas instead.” The best coffee invitation I have ever received. Ever.
  5. Turmeric lattes. Delicious! Also: a gorgeous addition to the inflammation-fighting arsenal. And the perfect accompaniment to coffee dates where minor internal dramas are on the agenda.
  6. Harnessing some gorgeous Taurean new moon energy to get moving on a writing project. I’m holding this one close to my heart… so much so, that it runs the danger of never seeing daylight. Sometimes the words get so itchy inside that I feel restless and relentlessly unsatisfied. And it’s all too easy to divert that energy into domestic tasks or try and numb it out with copious amounts of chocolate. But this week, I felt grounded and safe enough to let it out.
  7. Lauren Aletta’s new offering: Into the Woods. I am a huge fan of Lauren’s work and this book looks absolutely exquisite. It was a very happy mail day when this arrived and I can’t wait to dive in with a turmeric latte.
  8. Stumbling across a very elegant green William Morris watering can sitting outside our local thrift shop. I’m glad my mum isn’t reading this, because it will make a rather fine Mothers Day gift.
  9. Laura Marling‘s amazing new album Semper Femina. Feels like my Autumn soundtrack.
  10. Yassmin Abdel-Magied. This woman has stood with grace and dignity while all around her vast swathes of people have responded to an innocent (perhaps not fully thought through but perfectly justified) observation with disproportionate anger and thoroughly indefensible vitriol. I stand with you, sister.

What made you feel lucky this week?