Savouring this Saturday

These past couple of weeks, I have been particularly grateful for…

  1. Gifts from the sea, particularly the heart-shaped sea glass and shells pictured above, collected during a visit to the in-laws for lunch. And the shell with mysterious markings that my daughter is certain is an ancient language.
  2. Tash Sultana. I was driving to a fitness class last week and ended up glued to my seat, mesmerised by her performance at a radio-hosted music festival. To think she was battling a horrid cold at the time! Expect great things from this one.
  3. My dear friend Anne (aka Max) Daniels. I always come away from reading her perspective on weight loss and body image feeling totally got. And enlightened. Her recent offerings are no exception.
  4. Nancy Bird. I adore everything about this local atelier. Their elegant designs. The quality of their products. The integrity of their production processes. The ease of the ordering experience through their website. I recently purchased my soulmate handbag and it is, without exaggeration, perfect. I may never trade it for another. (Well, never say never.)
  5. Late Autumn sunshine. Balm for the soul.
  6. The kimchi bowl at my favourite local café. The perfect complement to my son’s regular order of waffles! But seriously, I have so much love for this wee business. We’ve been going ever since we moved into the neighbourhood, which was not long after it opened. It’s been beautiful to watch the proprietors flourish, both in their business and their family. Good people. Good food. Good times.
  7. This amazing article on white privilege from the most excellent Good Black News. Surprisingly, some of the scenarios described resonate with personal experience, from the perspective of ethnicity as well as gender and body image. I agree that it is critical we keep insisting on these conversations, even though they are bloody hard, wherever we are in the world.
  8. A great haircut. Shorter than my husband would like. And, sure, it’s left me a bit chilly around the neck. But I’m rocking it and that’s all that counts. (Bonus points for having found a stylist who GETS curly hair.)
  9. Tahlee Rouillon‘s meditones. The perfect way to deflate monkey mind and diffuse cortisol levels. I also had the pleasure of chatting with Tahlee via Skype last week as part of some research she is doing for her next project. Always happy to connect with another creative and and support each other in our contribution to sacred feminine ascending.
  10. Cock-a-leekie. I found a recipe for this Scottish broth in Frankie magazine a couple of years ago and it has been a staple in my Winter wellness regimen ever since. You gotta love something that’s as simple as chicken, leeks and prunes. I couldn’t say which issue the recipe was from but, if I’m going to be honest, it was the reference to David Tenant that caught my eye. Yet another reason to be thankful to Scotland!

Who or what or where would you like to give thanks to lately? And why?