More stuff I wish I liked…

… because these things would surely make my life easier/richer/cooler. 

  1. Podcasts. There are so many amazing ones out there. And so many of my friends swear by them for entertainment and education. I took the plunge and subscribed to one but have only had the chance to listen to one episode so far. It was excellent! But since then, I have not managed to sit still for long enough (or had uninterrupted time) to savour another. Therein lies the rub.
  2. Amanda Palmer. I’m not a huge fan of her voice. Or her music.  And her public persona (which, I gather, is her actual persona) gives me the irrits. So I understand this means her stuff is not meant for me. Which I can live with. But her TED talk and her book The Art of Asking were brilliant, in my estimation.  So every now and again I wonder why a bit of attention-seeking behaviour gets up my nose so acutely.
  3. Being vegan. I’ve tried on many occasions. And I did feel fabulous for it. But it took so much planning and preparation that it all got a bit hard, especially once I had children. Sometimes I wonder if I don’t love vegan food all that much (unless it is cooked for me!), I just like the smugness that seems to be part and parcel of sustaining a vegan lifestyle.
  4. Gardening. We have a beautiful back garden that was landscaped by a friend over five years ago. My husband and kids like to hang and potter about out there. I enjoy the view from the window. I understand that gardening is a most worthwhile and rewarding endeavour. And I do have a number of indoor pot plants that I’ve been tending to faithfully for years. Guess I’m just the indoorsy type.
  5. Birkenstocks. Dammit they just look so comfy. Then I bought a pair and dammit they hurt.
  6. Daily shows. Actually, any shows. I don’t watch television. I miss The Colbert Report with a passion: it was my main source of news and sanity for so many years.
  7. Joining in. It’s right up there with parties and camping. It just makes me want to run a mile. I’m particularly feeling it with respect to my esoteric interests right now. There are so many circles, workshops, festivals that I could/should explore, as they’d take my practice to a whole new level. Maybe it’s a trust thing. Or maybe I’ll never be much of a joiner.
  8. Folk who don’t reply to emails. I know! That makes me such a hypocrite! As I’ve honestly admitted in my Contact page, it’s really rare that I’ll respond to a personal email. Of course, if someone needs a yes or no answer (or some help from me), I’ll respond pretty quickly, if only to get it out of the way. I guess I find it hard to sit with the reality that most folk don’t have the same approach. Asking for help is hard enough; waiting for a response is excruciating. Pushes all of my my I-am-not-in-control-of-this-sitiuation buttons. Ack.
  9. Empty weekends. I somehow manage to forget most weeks that a bit of structure is better than none. Because in the latter case, I go into hyper-domestic overdrive (a bit like when I am sick) and my kids get bored and ratty. There’s something that just sounds so seductive about staying in jammies and doing sweet nothing.
  10. Yoga. OMG. I went to Wanderlust yesterday and fell in love with the yoga program. I didn’t actually manage to do much of it. My gym pants were too restrictive (no, seriously), my mat was on something of a sideways incline (the joys of yoga in the great outdoors), and anyway I’d just eaten lunch (plus a chai and a cupcake). Also, I was clawing my way up from the nadir of a respiratory virus. None of which were conducive to downward facing dogs. If I’m going to be honest, I have always found yoga hard. I practically ooze with envy when I hear about how it has changed people’s lives for the better. I acknowledge there’s heaps of yoga that I haven’t tried. It’s especially cool to see a growing number of programs out there for gals of all shapes and sizes! So maybe it’s time to give it (and being vegan) another shot…