A Saturday & Sunday savoured

This past week, I have felt particularly lucky because…

  1. My favourite tree in the neighbourhood (pictured above) is working its magic. Sigh.
  2. I’ve been feeling pretty ghastly, physically and emotionally. My lungs are my weakness and, as we know, they are where grief is stored. [So maybe they are also my strength?] Anyway this seasonal detox is wringing me out well and truly. But I’ve had such excellent support, both practical (from medical and allied health professionals) and moral (from family and friends). I’ll get there.
  3. Finally understanding my taxonomy of unwellness: a) feeling unwell; b) getting manic and refusing to rest until everything is sorted; c) hating myself for refusing to rest. Seeing that if I remove c) in the name of compassion, then b) has some space to ease up a bit. This also makes it easier to seek help from the medical help mentioned above. Phew.
  4. Turmeric. In any form. But particularly the powdered, drinkable variety. And, more recently, with raw chocolate. Swoon.
  5. Reinstating our Friday Autumn/Winter tradition of lighting the open fire in the late afternoon. Toasting marshmallows and playing cards into the night. Bliss.
  6. My little dude has gone crazy for Mister Maker. This development prompted us to dig out his big sister’s cache of DVDs and brought back so many memories of misadventures with paint and gloopy glue. There are five years (and four days) between my children, long enough for us to forget the gifts — and challenges — of each age. Love.
  7. Trying out a new recipe, discovered in one of the earliest issues of The Simple Things magazine (unearthed during a recent decluttering binge). Warmed camembert with rosemary, honey and toasted almonds, accompanied by a beetroot, pine nut, red onion and green leaf salad. Heaven with crusty bread.
  8. My copy of this magnificent manifesto arrived in the mail today. Yasss.
  9. My parents arriving to babysit, arriving with boxes of home grown produce. Including hundreds of apples of all varieties and twenty pomegranates. Yum.
  10. Going with my husband to see Cabaret on Saturday night. The Bob Fosse film was my favourite all through my twenties and Liza Minnelli’s Sally Bowles, for better or for worse, was my spirit animal. Cabaret has turned up at significant points in my life, for example, on my first trip to New York in 1998, where I got a cheap ticket to see it on Broadway with Alan Cumming and Natasha Richardson. It felt like a full circle moment when I watched an Alan Cumming documentary about the Weimar Republic on the plane as I returned home from Berlin in 2012. Anyway, it’s fair to say that I am a total fangirl and I did love this performance. Paul Capsis totally owned the emcee and Chelsea Gibb’s rendering of the iconic song was nothing short of transcendent. Indeed.

What made you realise just how lucky you are this week?