Woman’s work

The Woman of Words is a study in oral tradition. Whether the stories are her own or others, she speaks them into existence. She wants them to fit well in your ears. She wants you to keep them with you, to repeat them, to know they are large and important.

She is the speaker, the teacher, the orator, the open mouth. She will tell you and tell you and tell you. She is wider than any textbook could be. She is the Woman of Words, and she is put here — put here to speak.

If you are creating from this energy pattern, then you are right where you need to be. Your art is a story quilt. You are weaving what stories you carry in the work you do. You are creating to tell these stories — your story.

You know how important it is to speak and speak again. Your creative process is an extension of the old stories and the inclination to share them. The storyteller’s heart is an old, old tale. 

Let your art make us know it well.

Dominique Christina
This is Woman’s Work:
Calling forth your inner council of wise, brave, crazy, rebellious, loving, luminous selves