Savouring on Sunday

This week, I have been grateful for…

  1. The heartfelt support I have received since sharing this space with my favourite people. Deep bow.
  2. Wildcrafted medicinal mushroom hot chocolate from La Abeja Herbs. It demanded ceremony and felt like the ultimate comfort food. I drink it every day with reverence. (It even forces me to sit down and savour!) Powerful.
  3. I sat and savoured the abovementioned medicine whilst reading Alice Broadway’s new novel Ink from cover to cover. It blew me away. And got me all kinds of excited about returning to my own manuscript. Pure magic.
  4. Having a few hours to myself and using that time to declutter the study. I got so much done but I am not done. At least, though, it is possible to walk in without bumping into something. Indeed, it is now possible to see the floor. But I am also cognisant of the fact that this is a temporary situation. Soon the floor will be taken up by stacks of boxes as we slowly prepare to move. Deep breaths; fortitude.
  5. Our hydronic heating. The weather has turned rather chilly here in Melbourne, particularly overnight. Each morning, I hear the boiler splutter into action and I send her silent prayers: Hang on in there, old girl! At least until we move! Then you’ll be able to take a hard-earned rest. Thank you for keeping my family warm.
  6. A comment from a friend who said that, on stumbling across a book of Martin Luther King Jr’s writings, “she felt her body change”. Yes.
  7. Bumping into another dear friend as she practiced to walk The Camino. The timing of our encounter — at the train station near my home — could have been pure coincidence. Except I had dreamt of her the night before. She was looking for the nearest amenities and I was able to offer her ours. This felt like a good omen. May her path be littered with friends, ready to help.
  8. Reading old blog entries before I delete them, particularly the ones that describe my daughter when she was small. Things I had forgotten. Things I could remind her. Things that made me smile. Like the time we sat together in the wee hours, waiting for paracetamol to ease her aching ear, watching Shawn the Sheep and cuddling under a blankie. And her turning to me and saying, “I’m glad of you, mama.” Love.
  9. Soaking in the Van Gogh and the Seasons exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria with my mum, sister and baby niece. Breathtaking.
  10. The gift that is Robert Moss’ body of work. I want to read everything that man has written. And fully intend to meet him some day. Yes.

What made you stand up and say YES this week?