So much to savour

Over the past few weeks, there has been so much to be grateful for in amongst the ass-whupping. Here’s a few gems I managed to commit to memory until I could commit them to paper and pixels:

  1. The Winter sunshine has been a total tonic these past few days. We’ve even been graced with ghostly fog and romantic drizzle, all of which has made the bitter cold thoroughly bearable.
  2. That said, our hydronic heating gave us a bit of a scare last week, grinding to a halt on the coldest night to date. Our friendly service people promised to send someone as soon as they could, though warned that their workload had mushroomed out of control with the cold snap. The following afternoon, a lovely chap squeezed us in between appointments. He switched the boiler to ON. It started like a charm. And, in case I still didn’t believe in miracles, he didn’t charge me a call-out fee.
  3. Lisa Lister’s Witch. I’m glad she wrote it and I’m glad it’s out there and I’m glad lots of people are reading it. I can’t say that everything therein resonated but it’s a book of heart and that heart is definitely in the right place. One for our daughters… when they’re old enough to understand.
  4. The Eye of Horus. This symbol has been catching my eye in the most unexpected of places, seemingly intent on taking me on a trip down memory lane. (I believe I was obsessed with it circa 1991.) More recently, an eyeliner from a cosmetic brand of the same name caught my eye at the checkout of a local pharmacy. I couldn’t resist the chance to inject a little more glamour into my daily life. Then I got home, got online and ordered a few more treats, all of which arrived beautifully packaged the very next day! (And it’s really not their fault that I usually forget and rub my eyes absent-mindedly and tend to look more deranged than mystical by about 5pm.)
  5. La Abeja’s Pearl & Pink Lotus Kava Oil. Rubbing it in to my freshly scrubbed soles before sleep. Praying the Goddess my soul to keep. Dreaming sweetly…
  6. Skype. Specifically with one of my favourite people in the universe, who happens to live in Berlin (Hi Caro!) whom I miss every single day and whom I also suck at emailing. But when we get chatting, it’s like we’re in the same room and no time has passed. And also with another gorgeous gal whom I think is fabulous, not least because she lives spitting distance from Salem, Massachusetts (Hi Max!) but also because she’d one of those rare humans with whom a connection on social media has translated into real connection in person. I am embarrassed to admit that I was so excited to be talking with her about stuff that my brain went riffing in a zillion directions and I robbed myself of the chance to ask her more about all sorts of important things. Lucky lucky me that in both cases there definitely will be a next time.
  7. The Cloud Appreciation Society. The fact that this is even a thing makes me so happy. Of course I’ve joined.
  8. Helpful people. Helping me organise medical appointments. Helping me get parking spots. Helping me to help my children. Helping me through particularly nasty sparring sessions with my inner critic.
  9. Paying helpfulness forward. Helping a young couple to furnish their home in anticipation of a new arrival. Helping an enthusiastic talented group of parents commemorate the anniversary of our children’s school. Helping a family in distress to stay nourished and rested.
  10. Rabbit holes. The Merkaba. The Book of Changes. Nina Paley’s goddess animations (especially this one). Archetypes always.

What rabbit holes have you been glad to tumble down this week?