Savouring as much…

Is anyone else still feeling the janky-ass energy of the New Moon in Cancer?  Lots of emotions, lots of endings, lots of facing up to stuff and finally letting it go. Wanting desperately to hibernate and surrender to the warm reassurance of bear medicine.

In amongst the maelstrom, I’ve been grateful for:

  1. The Bee Keeper game. OK my obsession with bees is no secret. I bought this card game for my daughter on a whim during an expedition to purchase birthday presents for a couple of her school friends. It’s really fun and easy to learn and we play it just about every night before bed time. Love.
  2. This fantastic article by writer Joanne Fedler about life at 50. I’m not there yet but DAMN I love everything about this.
  3. My Pulsar moon phase watch, a Christmas present from my mum some thirty years ago. I rediscovered it during a declutter last year and an old watch-maker friend serviced it and replaced the battery and band. Then, of course, I got it home and dropped it on the tiles in our living room and the glass smashed. Anyway, after a few more fits and starts, it is finally back on my wrist where it belongs. Feels like a an old friend.
  4. This classic little message from the Universe, on the front page of a newspaper supplement last week. Yep. Feeling it.
  5. Michelle Obama. Specifically her saying: “[W]e explain [to our daughters] that when someone is cruel or acts like a bully, you don’t stoop to their level. No, our motto is, when they go low, we go high.” As we discover the impact of the most recent neighbourhood mischief-making, and prepare to face even more, I find Ms Obama’s words as a mantra to live by. Or at the very least, aspire to. Anyway, you better believe I ordered the tshirt.
  6. Monument Valley. I read about this sweet little game in a self-care solitaire deck. I’m not a gamer as a rule, but the card recommended: “Immerse yourself in a different world. Download this game to help transport you somewhere new.” Sound advice for a Melbourne Winter. And I have to say, the graphics and music are just exquisite.
  7. Lauren Aletta’s Into the Woods. I’ve had this beautiful book for some time but it’s been waiting patiently on the shelf until the right time to read it. I picked it up last night, longing for something I couldn’t quite articulate, and found my current headspace described perfectly in the chapters devoted to Winter. Deep bow.
  8. My mum saying really kind, supportive things about the kind of parent I am. Means a lot.
  9. Ceremonial hot chocolate and generous portion of pistachio, zucchini and cardamom cake made by my dear friend in her famous cafe-providore. Devoured just now. Grandmother medicine.
  10. The school holidays are upon us! We have a nice mix of activities and rest days planned. Some decadence. Some educational stuff. Lots of play. A movie or two. A few bath bombs. Family times. Card games. Open fires. And, of course, splashing in huge heart-shaped puddles while the heavens send us rainbows.

Where have you found rainbows in your week?