Things that have been making me cry

  1. Truths like this one. Everywhere we look. And assiduously ignored by those who could actually make a difference.
  2. All that has been lost, particularly due to the patriarchal power structures. Community. Ceremony. Family. Reverence for life cycles. There is a faint beat of hope, in the distant recesses of memory… and a small number of us are hearing the call. But will it ever be enough?
  3. Angry people. Judgemental people. Competitive people. People who come into my home and talk at me for an hour, dumping all their dissatisfactions with everything and everyone onto my plate. I understand that these are fearful people. It’s the fear, really. It’s catching.
  4. Losses. Lovely men whose lives intersected with mine in some small way. Taken too soon. By hatred and ignorance. By the ultimate despair. Both taking so much talent with them, both leaving so much love behind.
  5. Mind-numbing routine. Feeling like the days are running together in an endless string of chores. Resenting the boredom but disproportionately terrified of the alternative. Feeling under-equipped for the simplest of tasks, particularly ones that involve packing things in boxes.
  6. Tiny sprigs of daphne on my fledgling plant, a gift from my mum.
  7. The departure of this beautiful artist. Again, someone whose path crossed mine, for a tiny moment. This young soul managed to love what was in a way I hadn’t known was possible.
  8. Conversations that reveal just how much two human beings can evolve over a relatively small space of time, delightfully, in a similar direction. Good conversation in general. The thirst for it.
  9. This book. Because obviously.
  10. This space right here. Because I missed it. Because in missing it, I see that I miss my self.