Savouring my Saturday

If there’s one things guaranteed to pull me out of the doldrums, it’s gratitude. This week, I feel so lucky because…

  1. … so many amazing people have been there for me when I needed them. And so many beautiful people are looking out for my kids. It can be a brutal world out there. But if you’ve got good people in your corner, you’ll be OK I reckon.
  2. … even though life has been dishing out some mildly hard knocks of late, I’ve been bouncing back more grace than ever before. I think this is due in no small part to 1. above. But also to the wonderful work I did for so many years with my therapist, Satya. We recently finished up, something that I feel a little sad about (because I miss her) but am also very proud of. Because every day, I use the skills she gave me. She’s got a new book out and I cannot wait to read it and reconnect with her gentle perspective.
  3. … I stumbled across Nerd Fitness and I am in love. I mean. It has my name written all over it. I recently joined the Academy and am in awe of the resources and they way they are delivered. If I am going to be honest, true to form, I started off “all guns blazing” then fell off the wagon about four weeks in. But I know the program will always be waiting for me when I am ready to “respawn”. In fact, the strong likelihood of the need to start over is built into the program. Respect.
  4. … I bought these shoes at the beginning of Summer and they were the best investment ever. Actually, the weekend I went to buy them there was some sort of special deal if you bought more than one pair… so I didn’t need any further convincing. Between the pink pair and the blue pair, they go with everything in my wardrobe and are comfy on hot and not-so-hot days. Winning at life.
  5. … I came across this article via A Beautiful Mess and I had to laugh because I am line-ball INFJ/ENFJ and the advice for reducing stress was either make an effort to connect with other people or totally stay away from other people. And that just about sums my life up, really.
  6. … I had the privilege of diving in to the world of Anacaona, the all-girl Cuban band, inspired by a beautiful book my daughter was reading. Alicia Castro’s memoir was a total treat and I loved it all the more for the “Property of Saratosa County Library System” security stickers liberally spread throughout my hard copy edition.
  7. … I may be the last person on earth to discover Thug Kitchen but I am sure glad I did. Their most recent cookbook is awesome — the vegan pesto is a particular family favourite — and frankly it is just refreshing to meet people who swear marginally more than I do whilst cooking. I wasn’t even disappointed when I saw who the authors really were [spoiler alert: not actually thugs].
  8. … I got to bestow a little TLC on my self. A hair cut and colour from a gal who actually “gets” curly hair. A lovely facial (despite my neck going into spasm whilst driving the car to the salon… then the lass who was administering the facial putting the wind up me about the retinol level of one of the products I use on my face daily… unnecessarily, as it turns out). An eyebrow wax. A shiny new lipgloss. A new style profile based on my body shape. And then also some less frivolous stuff: full blood work, a visit to the Osteopath, an appointment with my Shiatsu therapist, a skin check, an ultrasound and some lung testing. As I head towards my 44th birthday it feels like the time is coming to take this pod of mine a bit more seriously.
  9. … I was gifted a vintage sewing machine table! My builder’s wife found it on a street near our home. She seems to have a gift for scavenging amazing pieces: in ten years, I’ve never seen anything that cool left on the sidewalk in our ‘hood. I jokingly expressed a yearning for it, knowing that I could never expect her to part with it… but a few weeks later, he arrived on our doorstep and presented it to me as a gift. He wouldn’t accept any payment, despite the fact they have four teenage mouths to feed. Generosity of spirit is one of my favourite qualities. And, of course, I am gathering small tokens of my appreciation to bestow in return.
  10. … my husband and I are about to escape for a couple of days for a belated celebration of our ten year wedding anniversary. We’re going to say near the beach and our little people are having a sleep-over at my parents’ place and every single one of us is excited. The promise of sea air, good food, the company of my sweetheart and a lot of uninterrupted sleeeeeeeeep has been keeping me going as we crawl to the finish line of school term…

What has made you feel lucky this week?

P.S. You know how I mention a lot of stuff in this list and link to it in case you’re curious and/or want some for yourself? I’m not paid to endorse anything and don’t get any commission for click-throughs or purchases. Complete respect for people who do any of these things! Folk have a right to earn a living and there’s a lot of integrity out there and certainly no judgement here. It’s just not for me right now. M’kay?