Savouring my Sunday

As the school holidays near an end and we prepare to step back onto the school conveyor belt, I am feeling tireder than I want to be but pretty content with where I am.

This week, I’m particularly keen to give thanks for…

  1. … a really lovely two weeks of school holidays. We had just the right mix of activity and rest, going away and staying home. We also managed a fewet-togethers with family and friends we don’t usually have the chance to see. Also a lot of train related stuff — for my little dude, for whom trains are a great passion — including lunch at Easey’s (view from our carriage window above!).
  2. … everyone being healthy, more or less. I know that’s one of the least imaginative things to put on a gratitude list but, seriously, when the health of someone you love is out of kilter, nothing feels right. We had a few swerves and near-misses over the past couple of weeks. But thankfully nothing serious and we’re all back on track.
  3. … the stirring of an old yearning! Inspired by Mari Andrew’s wonderful new book (and gorgeous instagram feed), I have scheduled a mission to invest in some watercolours.
  4. … someone flicking a switch and Autumn arriving in full force. Summer dresses have been stowed away, the heater is on, the thick duvets are firmly in place, fluffy slippers have been dusted off, I have dug out my spicy hot chocolate powder and I am all set to HIBERNATE.
  5. … having an enormous belly laugh with my sister-in-law, watching Judith Lucy and Denise Scott at the Melbourne Comedy Festival. Who else could take on the joys of cronedom with such gusto? Honestly, those girls are national treasures.
  6. … some really beautiful new pieces for my Autumn/Winter wardrobe, including two pinafores and two skirts and maybe a cardie. Pieces that are going to last a long time, that I am going to really enjoy wearing.
  7. … finally feeling like I have a bit of a plan for my “lifestyle”, insofar as recent blood work revealed that my liver needs a bit of TLC. Nothing serious of permanent but an early warning sign that some more loving choices would be a good idea at this stage of my life. Still: enough to make me feel like a deer caught in the headlights. So, once again, my Shiatsu therapist came to the rescue with a small number of habits to be integrated into my daily/weekly routine. We’ll reconvene in a month and assess how we’re going. Feeling very happy and lucky to be on this path.
  8. … the work of Katie Daisy. Feels like the best kind of escape. I’ve been pondering the various meanings of wildness — for reasons that I’ll share soon — and am definitely feeling the call of the prairie for reasons I don’t fully understand (but am happy to live with the mystery).
  9. … seeing Jose Gonzalez live in Melbourne, including his version of The Beatles’ Blackbird. Oh my heart.
  10. … the opportunity to lean in to Indigenous weather knowledge. The Wurundjeri clan of the Kulin Nation — the traditional custodians of the land where I live — experienced at least six seasons each year. This feels so much more relevant and accurate than the taxonomy we have imported from the Northern Hemisphere (and Britain in particular). While I call Australia home, my people are from elsewhere and my studies remind me of my responsibility to know more about the soil where I am planting my roots.

What are you grateful for this week?