A time for savouring

This past week or so, I have been grateful for…

  1. Completing my [almost] annual letter-writing marathon! If I owe you a letter, postcard, aerogramme or a lock of my hair then you are about to be very pleasantly surprised (postal gods willing). Phew!
  2. Mari Andrew and the inspiration she has given me to pick up pens and paints and capture quirky moments of my daily life (such as the sweet silliness pictured above). My daughter is so excited to join in the doodling that it has quickly become integrated into our daily family routine… and also diminished both of our interest in screen time. Win/win/win I’d say!
  3. The lovely Helen Joy Butler posted my musings on sanctuary on her Instagram feed. So very grateful for the opportunity. Helen’s work is so worthwhile.
  4. Song of Increase. This most exquisite book by Jacqueline Freeman is rocking my world right now. I’d recommend it highly to anyone who cares about the future of humanity on this earth… even if they don’t necessarily feel called to know more about bees right now. [Warning: reading this book might make you fall in love with bees.]
  5. All the results of my recent medical tests coming back within the “normal” range for the Western medical paradigm. Pumping up my Vitamin D and Iron intake, which has definitely helped my energy levels. Working on loving my liver a little harder, thanks to my Shiatsu therapist. Can’t say the latter has been easy — and some days, I’ve positively sucked at sticking to the script — but I’m trying to take a longterm view. [Insert “shrugging lady” emoji here.]
  6. Seeing Early Man with my daughter on the weekend. It was fantastic! I don’t think I’ve ever met an Aardman feature that I didn’t like. Just the fact that there are people in this world who are prepared to painstakingly mould tiny blobs of clay so that they resemble the most idiosyncratic details of this crazy world makes me happy.
  7. These awesome doo-dads becoming a reality. I mean. Microbeads are one thing but what about all the fibres that come off our clothing and end up clogging our waterways? Not cool. So grateful to the Rozalia Project team for their contribution to the solution. Ordered a pack as soon as I could.
  8. Being a bit more sociable of late. Isn’t it funny how this ebbs and flows? It’s been nice to have the energy and inclination although now I’m noticing the early signs of the flipside i.e. tiredness and grumps and just wanting to crawl into bed with a good book. But it has been nice to connect with kindred spirits and actually make good on those catch-ups we’ve been “meaning to have” for some time.
  9. Hatching a plan with a friend to go see this exhibition. I’ve never been to Heide so I am extra excited to savour this experience. Just remind me not to exit via the gift shop (see below).
  10. A four month spending freeze. Yup. I am doing this thing. Inspired by this post and, then, by this woman’s work… then, having asked the questions under the auspices of my word for 2018… I am about to find out what it feels like to just notice the urge to purchase something rather than acting on it. I suspect I know the sorts of motivations and feelings that will come to light. But I am sure there will be surprises too. It’s already been incredibly freeing to call out my FOMO tendencies. Wish me luck!

What is making you feel lucky right now?