About Kat

Kat the Dilettante

If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance that you know me “in real life”. Or maybe you used to read the blog I wrote from 2010 to 2015 under a nôm de plume. So you probably know a bit about me already.

But if not, here’s a few fun facts to bring you up to speed:

  1. I love lists. So you can expect to see a few of them here.
  2. I am in my early forties (no, I’m not been coy: I just don’t want to have to update this every year). I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband and two children.
  3. I have some creds, if you’re keen on that sort of thing: a Doctorate in Education; a Masters in Publishing & Editing; a BA (Hons) majoring in English (Creative Writing) and Classical Studies. I worked in university administration for twenty years, mainly in marketing and student recruitment. Mostly I feel privileged to have had these experiences. Sometimes I feel sad that half of my life was devoted to petty departmental politics and projects that contributed little to the sum of human happiness.
  4. But the stuff I mainly draw upon here is the stuff of daily life; the curious thing that is being human at this time in world history.
  5. I was a teenage ballet queen and the lead in our high school musical. It makes me happy that my kids are still young enough to appreciate a bedroom disco (even though they are old enough for my dancing to embarrass them).
  6. Allow me to confess that I am an IFNJ, though the I and E are lineball. Probably because I am a Gemini. I also have Greek and Welsh heritage, am highly superstitious and see signs in just about everything.
  7. Luckily, I have a great therapist.
  8. Actually, I am lucky in general. And grateful… most of the time.
  9. I have a voracious appetite for books. Also tarot decks. And talismanic jewellery. (See Item 6. above)
  10. I still don’t really know what I am going to be when I grow up. If pushed, I might tell you that I am A Writer. But that only feels like part of the story…

So this blog is really all about navigating my way through the rest of the story; keeping the channel open so the answers can arrive. The question is, admittedly, a work in progress. But at present, it goes something like:

Writing in service of what?

And I see that my real work is learning to trust that whatever the answer, it will be enough. In my more mature moments, I can acknowledge that this is less about blinding insights and more about daily practice.

So, thank you for witnessing flighty, resistant, hopeful, imperfect explorations.