About Kat

Kat the Dilettante

If you’re reading this, then there’s a good chance that you know me “in real life”. Or maybe you used to read the blog I wrote from 2010 to 2015 under a nôm de plume. So you probably know a bit about me already.

But if not, here’s a few fun facts to bring you up to speed:

  1. I love lists. So you can expect to see a few of them here.
  2. I am in my early forties (no, I’m not been coy: I just don’t want to have to update this every year). I live in Melbourne, Australia with my husband and two children.
  3. I have some creds, if you’re keen on that sort of thing: a Doctorate in Education; a Masters in Publishing & Editing; a BA (Hons) majoring in English (Creative Writing) and Classical Studies. I worked in university administration for twenty years, mainly in marketing and student recruitment. Mostly I feel privileged to have had these experiences. Sometimes I feel sad that half of my life was devoted to petty departmental politics and projects that contributed little to the sum of human happiness.
  4. But the stuff I mainly draw upon here is the stuff of daily life; the curious thing that is being human at this time in world history.
  5. I was a teenage ballet queen and the lead in our high school musical. It makes me happy that my kids are still young enough to appreciate a bedroom disco (even though they are old enough for my dancing to embarrass them).
  6. Allow me to confess that I am an IFNJ, though the I and E are lineball. Probably because I am a Gemini. I also have Greek and Welsh heritage, am highly superstitious and see signs in just about everything. I fall down rabbit holes daily.
  7. Luckily, I have had a great therapist.
  8. Actually, I am lucky in general. And grateful… most of the time.
  9. I have a voracious appetite for books. Also tarot decks. And talismanic jewellery. (See Item 6. above)
  10. Most days, I feel like a work in progress. And often this feels like a relief! I am not A Something e.g. A Doctor, A Lawyer, An Engineer, A Psychologist. I haven’t “arrived” so I can keep exploring and evolving to my heart’s content. (Ibid.)  Other times, it feels terrifying not to have it all worked out. I guess this confirms I am human.

But there’s something else, that can’t be tidily squirrelled away in a list.

Have you felt it?

I’m guessing you have an inkling what I am talking about. Maybe you have your own words for it. Or maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it. But in the worlds that I move in, there is a consensus.

Things are changing.

Tectonic plates are shifting. Eyes are opening. Questions are asked. Darknesses are explored. Silent voices are heard. The sacred is familiar. The new way is ancient.

The feminine is ascending.

What this means for anyone else and the world in general is not really my place to say. But I certainly know what I am hoping for. And this space is where I chart my course.