Mary M

OK I feel slightly daft saying "Spoiler Alert!" when in comes to the story of Jesus and Mary Magdalene. Because I'd be pretty surprised if you didn't have at least some idea of how that panned out. But specifically, I want to talk about the Mary Madgalene movie directed by Garth Davis, starring Rooney Mara, Joaquin … Continue reading Mary M


  When Lilith first arrived in my life, a quick bit of research revealed a fairly well-trodden path. Created at the same time as Adam. Refused to be submissive. Self-imposed exile. Would not return when God bade her (so He created Eve for poor old lonely Adam, and we all know how that worked out). … Continue reading Lilith


I want talk a bit about Mary Magdalene. But before I do that, I reckon I need to talk about Lilith. And I can't really do that without talking about Sheela Na-gig. Bear with me here. Those who have journeyed with me online before may recall that I am a bit of a fan of … Continue reading Sheela