Kat contact

Dear reader,

You’ll notice that I have comments switched off on each blog post. This is mostly to relieve me of the temptation to write for anyone but myself. As the great philosopher RuPaul once said: “What other people think of me is none of my GD business.”

I’d also like to think that this gives you greater opportunity to read for the sake of enjoyment, rather than obligation.

But, hey, I am human and obviously thrilled if things I write resonate with you! And if you’re keen to let me know, the quickest and easiest way is via Twitter. Nah, I’m not on Facebook, sorry! (Not sorry.)

You may also drop me a line at dilettantedruid via a rather popular email service beginning with the seventh letter of the alphabet. Please know that I will read your words with interest but it’s highly unlikely I will respond. Nothing personal, you understand. I just find managing emails requires an energy and commitment I’d rather devote to something else. I totally suck at responding to emails (ask any of my friends).

If you’re feeling altogether more creative and generous, I’d love it if you sent me a postcard or aerogram care of: Kat the Dilettante, PO Box 224, Clifton Hill 3068, Australia. Though allow me to confess that I only tend to respond to letters once a year; I have some expertise in putting the snail back in snail mail!

But, truly, the thing that would make me happiest would be if you paid it forward. Words are strong medicine. Share yours with those who will truly hear them. Write something compassionate and uplifting for someone who is least expecting it: someone you know or, even better, someone you may never know.

That’s the best way I know to contribute. For now.


Kat x

P.S. If you are an organisation or individual looking to promote your product or service: thank you for thinking of me but the answer is NO. Kindly direct your eyes to the cute “Ad-Free Blog” button on the sidebar. This is my space to write about the things I discover in a way that feels true to me. I’m not in it for the money or to attract vast swathes of followers who don’t get me. So save your time and energy. Better still, log off and take a walk outside. Stop for a moment to feel the sunshine (or rain) on your face and sink into the knowledge that everything you have done and all that you have is enough for today.