Dog days

So, having said all that... I had a good chat with a dear friend who spends a lot of time with my son. She has a lot of experience working with children and talked me through the process for getting a professional assessment. They way she put it, it would be worth ruling out anything more systemic … Continue reading Dog days

The moment that made me

Beneath blossoming maple trees Hitler listened to his deputy’s idea over porridge, muesli and apple tea. The two former fellow comrades trusted each other blindly. Hitler felt he was on the same wavelength with “Möring”, in a way that he wasn’t with the Pervitinated generals. For him, the “National Socialist Luftwaffe” was philosophically superior to … Continue reading The moment that made me

The spiral

It's astonishing, the stuff I'll do to avoid sitting down to write. I mean. There's hardly anything I love more and yet today I spent a spare hour sifting through eight years' worth of  art supplies in order to clear a couple of boxes cluttering up our living room. Sure, the room looks much better for it. And I finally … Continue reading The spiral